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What is your payment methods?

We accept payment by PayPal for all orders in US Dollars. If you do not have PayPal account, you can choose to use your preferred debit/credit cards at the Paypal checkout dialog.

Where do we ship and how long does it take?


Shipping is only available to area without distributors or resellers. Orders will be shipped by registered airmail. It should take around one to two weeks for most locations.

Where can I buy Sharkhon products in local store?

We are looking for dealers around the world, if you would like to see our products in your local store, please ask them to drop us an email to !

Why are there variaitions in the same color?

We try our best to match the colors between our manufacturing batches. However, unlike paint, it is not an easy task for anodizing to match colors. It is possible for different batches to have a slight color shade variations.

Will the colors get off in salt water?

No! The colors are anodized on to aluminum and it is resistant to salt water. Though you may want to rinse them with fresh water to avoid salt residue.

Air bubbles formed inside the filter?

This is due to the plastic mold releasing agent residue on the filter which we tried to clean as thorough as possible before packaging. However, if you found small bubbles still formed inside the filter, please try to clean the filter again with soap or toothpaste just like on new diving mask.

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