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ISLET Phantom Mini M01 Black with Green Line


- 15m/49ft special fiber reinforced flat main line

- T6061 aircraft grade aluminium CNC precision machined body
- Light weight 3D hollow out center axle
- Ergnomical curved lip design
- 5m safety stop marker
- High strength nylon attachment line
- Marine grade stainless steel swivel to prevent twisting
- Included with stainless steel double bolt snap

ISLET Phantom Mini 15m M01 Black with Green Line

$85.00 Regular Price
$66.00Sale Price
  • The majority of spools in the market have a flat lip design, after all the line is wound up, it often block the holes and make it very difficult to attach the bolt snap. ISLET Phantom spool has a specially design curved lip to overcome this problem. the bolt snap can easliy attache to the spool even the line is fully wound.
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